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avatar for Adam Weisbart

Adam Weisbart

Adam is a passionate Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach based in San Francisco. He has created several training modules including Build Your Own Scrum which is used by trainers around the world to teach Scrum from the back of the room. He's the creator of the viral video "Sh*t Bad Scrum Masters Say", the baker of Retrospective Cookies, and author of the upcoming book Agile Antipatterns: The Scrum Master's Guide to Traps, Tripwires, & Treachery. When he's not teaching, he's likely blogging at http://weisbart.com (were you can find out more about his projects), or cycling some ridiculous di… Read more

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Adrian Howard

Adrian Howard is passionate about building effective teams and great products. He co-founded Quietstars to help organisations do that using Lean, Agile and User Experience practices.

You'll find Adrian working with startup and product development teams — doing everything from coaching & teaching to hands on user experience & development work

With more than fifteen years experience working with startups, established businesses and agencies Adrian is an active member of the Agile and Lean UX communities. He organised the UX Stage at the Agile 2010 and Agile 2012 conferences, and regular… Read more

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Al Shalloway

Founder and CEO of Net Objectives.Co-founder of Lean-Kanban University (no longer affiliated). SPC Trainer. Co-author of 4 books on Lean, Scrum, Design Patterns and Agile Design.
Happy to talk to anyone who wants a free consult.
Also, are looking for folks who'd like to work with me at Net Objectives.

avatar for Alex Aitken

avatar for Alex Aitken

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Alfred Lorber

Spreading the goodness of Lean/Agile throughout Sandia National Laboratories.

I've been a Scrum Master on various teams for the last 5 years and over the last 1-1/2 years I have been coaching many new teams, starting them off with kickoff meetings and mentoring them as they start off.

My specialty is working in the strong research environment at Sandia and heterogeneous teams. At Sandia many teams are made up of developers with PhDs in Engineering, Math and Physics who have been classically trained to work independently. Couple that with the inherent unpredictability of research and yo… Read more

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avatar for Anders Ramsay

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Andrew Burns

A Kentuckian enamored of fine bourbon and fog bound blue grass mornings, Burns’ main interest is Enterprise Agility. A seasoned Agile Player of XP vintage, so fond of Shore, Shalloway and Cockburn, Burns now plys Agile consultative skills in the fortune 25. One of the first successful PMI-ACP awardees, Burns has spent years trying to turn the PMI battleship to a more productive course and remains greatly gratified to see some movement! Burns develops and teaches the curriculum for the PMI-ACP with several SCRUM salty colleagues and enjoys debates on scalability and the merits of various sma… Read more

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Ariadna Font

I'm the UX Lead at Vivisimo, an IBM Company, building enterprise search software. I have been practicing, introducing and spearheading Agile and UX methods at Vivisimo with the ultimate goal to improve communication, gain shared understanding and increase happiness.

I strive to empower others and to improve the way our growing Engineering team deliver and work together.

In my previous life, I was a Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing researcher. I have a PhD in Language and Information Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Bas Vodde

Bas Vodde is a coach, programmer, trainer, and author related to modern agile and lean product development. He is the creator of the LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) framework for scaling agile development. He coaches organizations on three levels: organizational,  team,  individual/technical practices. He has trained thousands of people in software development, Scrum, and modern agile practices for over a decade.

He is the author of Large-Scale Scrum: More with LeSS,  Scaling Agile and Lean Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum and of Practices for Large-Scale Agile an…

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Bob Galen

Agile Evangelist & Coach – Velocity Partners - Bob Galen is an Agile Methodologist, Practitioner & Coach based in Cary, NC. In this role he helps guide companies and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift towards Scrum and other agile methodologies and practices. He is a Principal Agile Evangelist at Velocity Partners, a leading agile nearshore development partner. He is also President and Agile Trainer & Coach at RGCG. 

Bob regularly speaks at international conferences and professional groups on topics related to software development, project management, software t… Read more

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avatar for Brad Swanson

Brad Swanson

Brad Swanson is a Senior Agile Coach and Vice President at agile42. He started his software career at age 10 on the Apple IIe and is now a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) and Coach (CSC) with 19 years of experience in management, project and program leadership, product management, and software development in both start-ups and large companies. Brad has led agile transformations using XP, Scrum and Kanban at many organizations across the US, Europe, and Asia. He has deep experience with agile software development, starting with eXtreme Programming (XP) in 1999. Brad is past President of Agile De… Read more

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Brent Barton

As Principal and Founder of River Rock Endeavors, Brent strives to bring agility into the business side of organizations so we can leverage what lean and agile methods offer. Previously, Brent was a Product Line Director at Rally Software. Rally Software acquired Agile Advantage, Inc. in 2012 where Brent was President. Also in 2012, Brent’s company received Gartner’s “Cool Vendor Award” for Portfolio Management. Brent has unique insights into the challenges from increased intensity that iterative and incremental development brings to Product and Program portfolios. Brent’s passio… Read more

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avatar for Brian Shoemaker

Brian Shoemaker

Brian Shoemaker consults for healthcare products companies in computer system validation, software quality assurance, and electronic records and signatures. He has conducted validation both on product software and on internal software, developed software quality systems, audited software quality processes (including agile methodology), and evaluated 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. He has had clients in clinical diagnostics, medical device engineering, medical imaging, medical-device fabrics manufacturing, contract lyophilization, clinical trial software, dental prosthetics, and bone-repair implants… Read more

avatar for Brian Sobus

avatar for Brian Sobus

avatar for Carissa Demetris

avatar for Carissa Demetris

avatar for Catherine Louis

Catherine Louis

Looking forward to producing the most awesome stage, "Working With Customers" thanks to our great review team and Shane Hastie!

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Cecilia Fernandes

Coffee lover, Agile coach, software developer, instructor, and wine drinker

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Chris Weldon

Chris Weldon is constantly committed to delivering high value on agile teams. Since 2007, Chris has been reading, loving, living, leading, and mentoring agilists and agile teams to build high quality, high value software. Throughout the year, Chris regularly carries the roles of developer, scrummaster, and mentor. Sharing his knowledge by speaking at user groups, universities, conferences, and one-on-one with others is a passion. Chris has been a speaker for several Aggieland user groups, tech fests, AgileDotNet, and other conferences and technology groups alike. Chris is also the leader of th… Read more

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avatar for Chuck Suscheck

Chuck Suscheck

Dr. Charles Suscheck specializes in agile software development methodologies, and project management. He is one the few people in the world certified to teach the entire scrum.org curriculum. He has over 25 years of professional experience in information technology, beginning his career as a software developer. Dr. Suscheck holds a Doctorate, Masters, and Bachelors in Computer Science and is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), Professional Scrum Master (PSM I and II), Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I and II), Scaled Agile Framework Process Consultant (SPC), Certified Scrum Master (CSM)… Read more

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Clement James Goebel III

James Goebel is a founding partner of Menlo Innovations. Menlo uses highly collaborative project teams to design and implement innovative products for clients that place high value on user adoption.

The team he helped build at Menlo Innovations has successfully blended an Extreme Programming development team, usability design specialists, a quality assurance practice, and formal project management. Representatives from start-up companies as well as large Fortune 500 firms routinely tour Menlo's Software Factory environment to study its implementation of agile.
James has worked in a variety of… Read more

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Dan Neumann

Dan Neumann is an experienced agile coach and enthusiast with expertise in both traditional development methodologies and Agile development using Scrum and XP practices. Dan has a record of working in environments that require experience from a range of disciplines and requires coordination of multiple concurrent work streams. Dan seeks to improve the performance of teams and organizations through an inclusive, ongoing process of inspect and adapt, continual improvement as an inherent part of delivery teams' culture. Dan is a Certified Scrum Professional, Innovation Games Trained Facilitator a…

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avatar for Dave Neuman

Dave Neuman

Dave Neuman is a seasoned technology and business leader with almost 20 years of experience working with organizations of various sizes from Fortune 100 to small, regional consulting to advising startups in roles of software engineering, product engineering, consultant, IT, PMO, and management. Dave is a Certified Scrum Professional and Innovation Games Collaboration Architect with experience leading two major organizational Agile transformations including adoption of Scrum and Lean at the team, portfolio, and management level. Dave combines a systems-thinking technical mindset with a passion … Read more

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Dave Sharrock

Dad, internet veteran, husband, entrepreneur, occasional seismologist. British and almost Canadian. Agile coach and change agent. Only Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) in Canada.

avatar for David Bernstein

David Bernstein

David Scott Bernstein is the author of the new book _Beyond Legacy Code: Nine Practices to Extend the Life (and Value) of Your Software._ It’s an insider’s view of the software industry drawn from his decades of hands-on experience as a software developer, trainer, and consultant to some of the biggest players in the business. With its emphasis on technical excellence, the primary audience for _Beyond Legacy Code_ is software development managers and their teams.

David’s continuing passion for software design and construction has led him to train more than 8,000 developers since 198… Read more

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avatar for David D. Parker

David D. Parker

Building a better world one agile organization at a time

avatar for David Hussman

David Hussman

I split my time between leading DevJam and coaching at client sites. My coaching ranges from small teams to large enterprises and entails working with teams, programs and leadership groups. Some days I am doing discovery work, teaching product thinking and agile design and augmenting real agility with user centered design and user experience tools. Other days I am deep in the delivery space helping teams adapt agile methods to meet their needs within their context, working on lean planning, test driven and the many other tools that help teams learn from delivery.

I also work with many leade… Read more

avatar for David J Bland

David J Bland

Organizational Coaching, Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, Customer Development, Kanban

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avatar for Derek Lane

avatar for Derek W. Wade

Derek W. Wade

Coach, educator, medi(t)ator, aviator, experimenter. Helping people to work better together by playing together, and to BE better together by creating together.

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avatar for Don Gray

Don Gray

Having worked in software for 30 years I focus my energy and efforts working with executives to create the conditions where teams can flourish developing business value. I facilitate team learning and interdependent work. This includes assessments, embedded coaching, focused coaching, public and private workshops.

I lead sessions at Agile meetups across the southeast, from Richmond, VA to Knoxville, TN to Charleston, SC. Topics range from Agile fundamentals to team dynamics to shaping Agile Adoptions.

I co-wrote two books with Jerry Weinberg, Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman: “Center … Read more

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avatar for Ed Kraay

Ed Kraay

Ed has been at Yahoo for 3 years. His first job was a coach moving 1000 people all-in to modern software methods. He then worked to spread agile methods across Yahoo as a whole. He now works as a Program Lead for a large strategic project. Prior to Yahoo Ed was an coach for ThoughtWorks and SolutionsIQ

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avatar for Elizabeth Woodward

Elizabeth Woodward

I am so excited to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with my agile friends at Agile2013! My passion continues to be enabling teams and organizations to successfully tackle the really tough challenges related to agile at scale:

* Taking a lean and agile approach to complex product (hardware/software) delivery
* Pushing agility beyond the boundaries of the portfolio to supply chain
* Working with organizations making that cultural shift from command-and-control to a collaborative leadership style
* Measuring the progress and impact of agility and agile transformation
* Helping organiza… Read more

avatar for Ellen Gottesdiener

Ellen Gottesdiener

Ellen Gottesdiener is an internationally recognized leader in the convergence of agile + requirements + product management and a pioneer in the use of collaborative practices for product discovery. She offers techniques, tools, training, and leadership in how you can engage in ways that excite, invite, and produce valuable product outcomes and happy teams.

Ellen is a world-renowned writer, speaker, and presenter. Her most recent book, co-authored with Mary Gorman, is Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis. Ellen authored of two other acclaimed books: Requirements by Coll… Read more

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avatar for Esther Derby

Esther Derby

I’m an expert in organizational dynamics and a leading thinker in bringing agility to organizations, management, and teams. How your company’s values are reflected in your environment, your culture and organizational dynamics, directly determines the quality and level of your success. When your company environment, culture and organizational dynamics are positive, mutually receptive and reinforcing, your people and teams have the capacity to achieve great things. I started my career as a programmer, and over the years I’ve worn many hats, including business owner, internal consultant a… Read more

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avatar for Gabino Roche, Jr.

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