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Lyssa Adkins

I came to Agile as a project leader with over 15 years project management expertise. Even with all that experience, nothing prepared me for the power and simplicity of Agile done well.My Agile experience, along with my professional coaching and training abilities, gives me the perspective needed to guide teams and Agile leaders to harness Agile as the competitive advantage weapon it was meant to be. I know the transformation path is rocky. As a former large-scale program manager and director of Project Management Offices, I have lived it myself. This makes me uniquely able to help others translate... Read more
Company Agile Coaching Institute
Position Coach of Agile Coaches
Location US
URL www.AgileCoachingInstitute.com


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Skip Angel

I have over 25 years of experience in software development in a variety of roles such as Developer, Project Manager, Consultant and Chief Technology Officer. Over the last 7 years, I have provided thought leadership, training and coaching to new and experienced teams interested in agile practices including Lean/Kanban, Scrum, and Extreme Programming (XP). My unique focus in helping companies achieve organizational agility and transformation beyond development teams using a mix of techniques and models like SAFe, Lean Startup, Lean UX, Leadership Agility and others. My certifications include... Read more
Company CA Technologies
Position Chief Pathfinder
Location Issaquah, Washington


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Jurgen Appelo

With my company Agility Scales, I am inventing the future of organizational agility. Why are we wasting our time learning how to manage companies, when very soon computers will navigate us through our work-lives and help us to lead and manage our teams?

As a serial founder, successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, I am pioneering management to help creative organizations survive and thrive in the 21st century. I offer concrete games, tools, and practices, so you can introduce better management, with fewer managers. I also offer a platform for you to share your practices and stories with the... Read more
Company Agility Scales
Position CEO
Location Rotterdam Area, Netherlands
URL http://www.noop.nl




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Brent Barton

As Principal and Founder of River Rock Endeavors, Brent strives to bring agility into the business side of organizations so we can leverage what lean and agile methods offer. Previously, Brent was a Product Line Director at Rally Software. Rally Software acquired Agile Advantage, Inc. in 2012 where Brent was President. Also in 2012, Brent’s company received Gartner’s “Cool Vendor Award” for Portfolio Management. Brent has unique insights into the challenges from increased intensity that iterative and incremental development brings to Product and Program portfolios. Brent’s passion...
Company River Rock Endeavors
Position Founder
Location Seattle, WA
URL riverrockendeavors.com




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Simon Bennett

Simon is currently Managing Principal for LASTing Benefits (UK / Australia).

LASTing Benefits is a boutique consultancy specialising in augmenting Lean and Agile adoptions with cognitive complexity and systems thinking techniques to create self sustaining organisational change.

Simon's particular interest and expertise lie in how the systems and scenarios we find ourselves in drive our behaviour; specifically the ways in which we view and interact with each other and how this affects our perceptions of the world and our decision making processes.

This interest in human systems began in the... Read more
Company LASTing Benefits
Position Managing Principle
Location AU
URL LASTing-Benefits.com/blog


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Ryan Bergman

I care about the craft of writing good, working code. I have a passion for agile practices that help enforce repeatable, predictable behavior and produce software clients actually want to use. Areas of particular interest include architecture, security, application usability, CI, and testing at all levels.
Company John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group
Position Lead Product Engineer
Location Des Moines, Iowa Area
URL ryber.github.io


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David Bernstein

David Scott Bernstein is the author of the new book _Beyond Legacy Code: Nine Practices to Extend the Life (and Value) of Your Software._ It’s an insider’s view of the software industry drawn from his decades of hands-on experience as a software developer, trainer, and consultant to some of the biggest players in the business. With its emphasis on technical excellence, the primary audience for _Beyond Legacy Code_ is software development managers and their teams.

David’s continuing passion for software design and construction has led him to train more than 8,000 developers since 1989 at hundreds of companies around the world including Amazon, Yahoo, and Microsoft—where his book’s advice has been successfully applied. His consulting firm, To Be Agile (http://ToBeAgile.com), helps developers adopt Extreme Programming practices such as test-first development, pair programming, and refactoring... Read more
Company To Be Agile
Position Consultant
Location Greater Seattle Area
URL http://ToBeAgile.com/




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David J Bland

Organizational Coaching, Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, Customer Development, Kanban
Company Neo
Position Principal
Location San Francisco, California
URL http://www.davidjbland.com


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Samuel Bowles

Samuel Mikel Bowles' started his 16 year career at Burger King where he held the ambiguous title of webmaster. Still a polyglot he works as a visual & interaction designer, front end developer, and Agile practitioner at Mutually Human. He is a dedicated practitioner and international speaker on light-weight design methodologies such as Agile and Lean. He's spoken at GLSEC, Future of Web Design, UX Lisbon, Midwest UX, and the Agile Conference. He is co-founder of the financial planning company Spend Wisely (creators of Chext), a member of the advisory board for Human Practice a Chicago-based healthcare... Read more
Company Mutually Human
Position Software Craftsman
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
URL http://samuel.bowles.es


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John Buck

John Buck is the coauthor of the very recently published book Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy, see http://www.agilebossanova.com/ and #agilebossanova. The second edition of his earlier book was also recently released We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy. It is a book about sociocracy as a design system for agile organizing and running of organizations. He is President of GovernanceAlive, LLC and co-director of Center for Dynamic Community Governance, a non-profit that focuses on Greenbelt, Maryland. He has led dozens of sociocracy implementation projects... Read more
Company GovernanceAlive LLC
Position President
Location Washington, DC
URL www.governancealive.com




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Rowan Bunning

Rowan Bunning is a pioneer of Scrum in Australia. With a background in object-oriented software design, web architecture and information systems, Rowan was introduced to Agile development techniques over a decade ago as "the way good Smalltalkers develop software". Seeing the need for deep organisational and project management change to better leverage such disciplined technical practices, Rowan became Australia's first Certified Scrum Practitioner and Certified Scrum Trainer.

Rowan has built extensive experience training, leading and coaching Agile adoptions across Australia, New Zealand... Read more

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Virginia Cagwin

Virginia Cagwin is a UX Consultant for Slalom Consulting that practices Lean UX methods to help teams gain shared understanding, focus, and communication. Virginia started her design career has a graphic artist working on brands such as McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins. She's worked for startups and Fortune 500 companies over the last 12 years focusing on enterprise software. Prior to Slalom, Virginia worked for Turner Broadcasting System Inc. supporting entertainment brands TBS, TNT, and TCM. She 2.5 years in London working for Thunderhead.com introducing agile and lean principles... Read more
Company Slalom Consulting
Position UX Consultant
Location Atlanta, GA




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Paul Carvalho

Paul is a Testing expert, Agile coach, interactive teacher, Rubyist, comic relief, and efficiency enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in various domains. A Quality consultant by trade, Paul helps companies deliver world-class value. Beware: his eyes sparkle when he talks about Testing and his passion is infectious. Paul is the author of the forthcoming book \"Put Your Mind To The Test.\"
Company Quality Driven Inc.
Position Agile Coach, Trainer
Location CA




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Alida Cheung

Alida is a Senior Program Manager and ScrumMaster at Salesforce.com, and was one of the first ScrumMasters and a key member of the Salesforce.com Agile Rollout Team during the R&D organizations enterprise-wide “big bang” transformation to agile. Since then she has worked with numerous Scrum teams with different “personalities”, designed training material, and provided professional coaching.


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Esther Derby

I’m an expert in organizational dynamics and a leading thinker in bringing agility to organizations, management, and teams. How your company’s values are reflected in your environment, your culture and organizational dynamics, directly determines the quality and level of your success. When your company environment, culture and organizational dynamics are positive, mutually receptive and reinforcing, your people and teams have the capacity to achieve great things. I started my career as a programmer, and over the years I’ve worn many hats, including business owner, internal consultant and...
Company esther derby associates, inc.
Position Founder
Location US
URL www.estherderby.com


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Susan DiFabio

I am an independent Agile coach focused on helping teams and organizations find success applying Agile principles. I spent many years on project teams performing roles ranging from developer to designer to project manager to product manager. During that time I witnessed first-hand the success of iterative development as compared with waterfall processes and I experienced the importance of building relationships and valuing people. I am passionate about sharing what Ive learned and partnering with my clients to discover an Agile journey that is right for their unique situation.
Company Susan DiFabio Consulting
Position Agile Coach
Location US
URL skdifabio.com


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George Dinwiddie

The promoter of the “Three Amigos” name for collaborative exploration of business requirements, George has worked with others to further the practical application of Behavior Driven Development (BDD). He helps organizations refine their business requirements to produce long-term documentation and automated verification in the process. George Dinwiddie helps organizations develop software more effectively. He brings thirty-five years of development experience from electronic hardware and embedded firmware to business information technology. He helps organizations, managers, and teams solve the... Read more
Company iDIA Computing, LLC
Position Grand Poobah and Jack of All Trades
Location US
URL http://idiacomputing.com


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Siva Dorairaj

A PhD researcher from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Through a Grounded Theory study which involved 55 participants from 38 different software companies in the USA, India and Australia, I investigated key concerns of distributed teams in Agile software development. Subsequently I developed a grounded theory -- "The Theory of One-team: Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams" -- which explicates how a distributed team in Agile software development adopts explicit strategies for bridging spatial, temporal and socio-cultural distances, while facing critical impact factors... Read more
Company Victoria University of Wellington
Position Teaching Fellow
Location Wellington, New Zealand
URL http://ecs.victoria.ac.nz/Main/GradSivaDorairaj










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Jutta Eckstein

Jutta Eckstein works as an independent coach, consultant, and trainer. She has helped many teams and organizations worldwide to make an Agile transition especially within medium-sized to large distributed mission-critical projects. She has published her experience in her books 'Agile Software Development in the Large', 'Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams', 'Retrospectives for Organizational Change', and together with Johanna Rothman 'Diving for Hidden Treasures: Finding the Real Value in your Project Portfolio'.

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Hendrik Esser

Growing up in the 1980s I was a passionate computer game developer during my school and study times. After getting my diploma in Electrical engineering I started at Ericsson in 1994 as aSW developer. From 1996 I worked in project management roles. Since 2000 I am working as a manager, first heading a Project Office, later Systems- and Technology Management and since2009 the Portfolio and Technology Management for Mobile Core. In 2008 I was a key contributor to the agile transition of our organization. I am supporting the enterprise transition to lean and agile by consulting and teaming up with... Read more

avatar for Will Evans

Will Evans

Will Evans explores the convergence of practice and theory using Lean Systems, Design Thinking, and LeanUX with global corporations from NYC to Berlin to Singapore. As Chief Design Officer at PraxisFlow, he works with a select group of corporate clients undergoing Lean and Agile transformations across the entire organization. Will is also the Design Thinker-in-Residence at NYU Stern\'s Berkley Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.Will was previously the Managing Director of TLCLabs, the world\'s leading Lean Design Innovation consultancy where he has brought Lean Startup, LeanUX, and Design... Read more
Company Mr.
Position Mr.
Location US
URL http://www.praxisflow.com


avatar for Mac Felsing

Mac Felsing

Mac is a motivated, dynamic leader and problem solver who focuses on serving both internal and external customers. An experienced coach, mentor, trainer that is continually learning and looking for ways to improve. Looking for a position with a growing company where I can apply the skills and talents I have, learn new ones, and make a positive impact in the work environment and the customers I serve.
Company Berkana Enterprise Consulting
Position CEO
Location MT, USA
URL http://becteam.com


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avatar for Cecilia Fernandes


avatar for Ariadna Font

Ariadna Font

I'm the UX Lead at Vivisimo, an IBM Company, building enterprise search software. I have been practicing, introducing and spearheading Agile and UX methods at Vivisimo with the ultimate goal to improve communication, gain shared understanding and increase happiness.

I strive to empower others and to improve the way our growing Engineering team deliver and work together.

In my previous life, I was a Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing researcher. I have a PhD in Language and Information Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University.
Company IBM
Position UX Lead & Development Manager
Location Greater Pittsburgh Area
URL ariadna.font.cat








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Bob Galen

Bob Galen is an Agile Methodologist, Practitioner & Coach based in Cary, NC. In this role, he helps guide companies and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift towards Scrum and other agile methodologies and practices. He is Director, Agile Practices at Zenergy Technologies, a leading agile transformation company. He is also President and Head Coach at RGCG.

Bob regularly speaks at international conferences and professional groups on topics related to software development, project management, software testing and team leadership. He is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Cert... Read more
Company Zenergy Technologies
Position Director, Agile Practices
Location Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
URL http://www.rgalen.com



Jon Galloway

Company Microsoft
Position Technical Evangelist



Israel Gat

Dr. Israel Gat is an independent software and IT consultant specializing in large scale end-to-end engagements. He is recognized as the architect of the agile transformation at BMC Software where, under his leadership, Scrum users increased from zero to 1,000, resulting in nearly three times faster time to market than industry average and 20%-50% improvement in team productivity. Among other accolades for leading this transformation, Dr. Gat was presented with an Innovator of the Year Award from Application Development Trends in 2006.
Dr. Gat's executive career spans top technology companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Digital, and EMC. He has led the development of products such as BMC Performance Manager and Microsoft Operations Manager, enabling the two companies to move toward next-generation system management technology. Dr. Gat is also well versed in growing smaller companies and has held advisory and venture capital positions for companies in new, high-growth markets. He currently splits his time between consulting and writing. He focuses on technical debt, large-scale implementations of lean software methods, and devops... Read more
Company The Agile Executive
Position Independent Software & IT Consultant
Location US
URL www.theagileexecutive.com




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Mary Gorman

Mary coaches teams and facilitates agile product discovery workshops. She trains business, customer and technology stakeholders in collaborative practices essential for defining high value products. Mary speaks at industry conferences and writes for the Agile, business analysis and project management communities. Mary is co-author with Ellen Gottesdiener of the recently released book Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis.
Company EBG Consulting
Position VP Quality and Delivery
Location US
URL www.ebgconsulting.com




avatar for Ellen Gottesdiener

Ellen Gottesdiener

Ellen is an Agile Product Coach and CEO of EBG Consulting, focused on helping product and development communities create valuable outcomes through product agility. In her ‘spare’ time, she serves as Producer of Agile Product Open (Boston) and Director of the Agile Alliance’s Agile Product Community Initiative.
Company EBG Consulting, Inc.
Position Agile Product Coach
Location Greater Boston Area
URL http://www.ebgconsulting.com



Don Gray

Having worked in software for 30 years I focus my energy and efforts working with executives to create the conditions where teams can flourish developing business value. I facilitate team learning and interdependent work. This includes assessments, embedded coaching, focused coaching, public and private workshops.

I lead sessions at Agile meetups across the southeast, from Richmond, VA to Knoxville, TN to Charleston, SC. Topics range from Agile fundamentals to team dynamics to shaping Agile Adoptions.

I co-wrote two books with Jerry Weinberg, Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman: “Center... Read more
Company n-th Order Systems, Inc
Position President
Location Maggie Valley, NC, US
URL http://www.donaldegray.com


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Karen Greaves

I love meeting new people so come introduce yourself. Check out www.growingagile.co.nz to see what I look like, or just listen for the loudest person in the room :)
Company Trade Me
Position Product Delivery Manager
Location Auckland, New Zealand
URL www.growingagile.co.nz


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Peter Green

Peter Green led a grass roots Agile transformation at Adobe from 2005 to 2015, starting with his own team, Adobe Audition. His influence includes the teams behind such software flagships as Photoshop, Acrobat, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro, as well as dozens of internal IT and platform technology teams and groups such as marketing and globalization. His work was a major factor enabling Adobe product teams to successfully transition from perpetual desktop products to the subscription-based service, Creative Cloud. His hands-on Scrum and Agile training and coaching at all levels... Read more
Company Agile For All
Position Coach and Trainer
Location Temecula
URL http://www.agileforall.com


avatar for James Grenning

James Grenning

James Grenning trains, coaches and consults worldwide bringing modern technical and management practices to embedded systems development. He is the author of Test-Driven Development for Embedded C (http://wingman-sw.com/tddec). He invented Planning Poker, and participated in the creation of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. His website is http://wingman-sw.com.

Company Wingman Software
Location Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
URL www.wingman-sw.com




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Nayan Hajratwala

Company Chikli Consulting
Location Ann Arbor, MI








avatar for Gregory Haskins

Gregory Haskins

Developer/High-Tech Anthropologist® for Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, MI. We do custom design and development for a wide variety of clients, leveraging Agile and Lean practices to make sure they capitalize on the Business Value of Joy. I joined the team in 2011 and have gone from zero to Agile in no time flat, leading tours and teaching one-day courses to help spread the good word.

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John Heintz

John Heintz is the president and principal technologist of Gist Labs. He is an experienced agile manager, particularly in lean and kanban. In 2008, John founded Gist Labs to further focus on the essential criteria for innovative success. John’s accomplishments include doubling the feature throughput of a large game studio, showing nine teams in India how to create and align around their own common Roadmap and release plan, teaching managers to focus their team’s effort and avoid dilution of capacity, and mentoring developers/testers in software craftsmanship.

John began his career as a technologist, always seeking solutions with greater leverage and deeper simplicity. His approach to systems and team building emerged in 1999 while leading his first Scrum team, followed by leading a team in XP and test-driven development in 2001. John has consulted with clients on various engagements, including Agile, Kanban, enterprise architecture, test automation architecture, XP development practices, lean value stream mapping, and RESTful/messaging architectures. He has built single-source hyperdocument SGML publishing systems, Linked Data and NoSql solutions, a v... Read more
Company Cutter Consortium
Position Senior Consultant
URL https://www.linkedin.com/in/johndheintz


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Chet Hendrickson

Company HendricksonXP
Position Supreme and Ultimate Hyper-Chairman Emeritus
Location Farmington Hills, MI, US
URL http://www.hendricksonxp.com


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