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Inside-out: Leading Change from the Middle using Lean Tools and Principles: Ed Kraay
    Thursday August 16, 2012 11:00am - 12:00pm @ Austin 4-6

    When large organizations adopt Agile, they often are described as transforming either top down or bottom up. Left out of this picture is the key role of middle management to help reinvent the company. This interactive workshop explores the how the middle manager can apply lean thinking and tools to lead change efforts and how executives and change agents can help support them through the transition. Audience: For those who manage while reporting to someone above them; for those who lead middle managers; for those who are change agents in large scale Agile adoption. About the workshop facilitator: Ed Kraay is an Agile coach, trainer and software development consultant at Yahoo! In the last 6 years Ed has mentored software teams and leaders from several top 20 global companies, in addition to smaller Bay Area firms. Not only a coach, Ed has experience in the last 3 years leading large programs in mobile, embedded software and gaming. Ed enjoys working in and across teams to eliminate wasteful processes, deliver more value and have more fun in the process. He lives in San Francisco and is still recovering from the deathmarch project that was his son's first year. Ed is a member of the Bay Agile Leadership Network (Bay ALN), and has been a presenter at Agile Development Practices, SDWest, Agile Open Northwest and Agile Open California.

    Ed has been at Yahoo for 3 years. His first job was a coach …

    Type Adoption & Transformation
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Practicing

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