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Winning the Agile Race: Stop Watching The Runner And Pay Attention To The Baton! : Jay Packlick, Erik Meade
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 3:30pm - 5:00pm @ Austin 4-6

    Everyone knows that Agile is about ‘Individuals and Interactions’ but... what the heck does that really mean for a leader? How do you make that an actionable goal? By treating key decisions as fundamental units of work in an Agile environment, a clearer and more concise set of goals emerges. Focusing on decisions and how they're made reveals opportunities to dramatically improve interactions and increase agility not just within development but across the entire enterprise. In this tutorial we'll explore; why decisions are the real 'batons' (units of work) in the Agile race, how to visualize decision flows and bottlenecks that cripple teams, common decisions that can dramatically improve project outcomes (and how to improve them), critical questions you should be asking (but probably aren't), the diagnosis and treatment of decision maladies that diminish performance and, how to apply Bain Consulting's RAPID™ decision making model within your organization to improve the outcome of any decision.

    Jay spent the first twenty years of his career getting softw…

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