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Values of the Fittest - Taking Cash and Staking Claims: Allen Hurst, Chris Weldon
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Ft. Worth 5-6

    Are you willing to put everything on the line to squeeze every last dollar from your customers? Will you sacrifice quality to get that killer feature out the door? Will you ride the next trend in social media or focus more on premium features to grab those elite customers? What will your competition do? Values of the Fittest is a game that will challenge you and your stakeholders to take decisive actions to build software by maximizing value, minimizing risk, and minimizing cost. Time is of the essence. You have limited funds and need to deliver a product quickly to stay afloat. Opponents are capitalizing while your team wages civil war. Can your team find a common direction to deliver a better product in less time?


    Type Business Value and Working With Stakeholders
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Learning

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