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Patterns for Agile Adoption and Transformation: Mike Cottmeyer
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Texas D

    Introducing agile into an organization is more than just running people through a few days of training and hoping for the best. Training is part of the equation but only addresses one part of the adoption and transformation cycle. The problem with a training-only approach is that we can learn new ways of working, but if the structure and culture of the organization don't support those new ways of working, the training won't stick. The trick is to create an organizational structure and culture that is congruent with training in agile practices. We need a structure and culture where Agile practices can flourish and grow and produce the business outcomes we all hope for. This talk will start by exploring the main differences between agile adoption and agile transformation and how to distinguish between structural transformation and cultural transformation. Next we'll explore criteria for how to assess your organization and create an adoption and transformation roadmap to help you pragmatically and safely introduce agile methods to your enterprise. Finally we'll explore three primary dimensions of adoption and transformation: competency, frequency, and scale that will assist in guiding your adoption and transformation roadmap and change management strategy. After establishing the theoretical underpinning of a successful adoption and transformation strategy, we'll consider several case studies where these ideas have been applied and what has worked, and more importantly, what hasn't. The case studies will consider 3-5 companies of varying sizes where these ideas have been applied in the past 18 months.


    Type Adoption & Transformation
    Session Type Lecture
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