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Is It Worth It? Using A Business Value Model To Guide Decisions: Kent McDonald
    Monday August 13, 2012 9:00am - 12:30pm @ Dallas 3-4

    Product Owners are expected to consider the question "Is it worth it?" about their projects. This question is difficult to answer because the answer changes as you proceed through the project and gain more knowledge about the purpose, considerations, costs, and benefits involved in a project. Kent helps attendees explore a tool they can use to help organize the necessary information to answer the “is it worth it?” question on a regular basis. This interactive session demonstrates how teams can create a value model to make an initial decision about whether to pursue a project, and then utilize that model as knowledge grows throughout the project to revisit the question and confirm whether the project is on the right course, or if changes need to be made.

    Kent J. McDonald uncovers better ways of delivering value by…

    Type Business Value and Working With Stakeholders
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Practicing

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