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The Contracting Two Step: Patterns for Successful Collaborations: Mary Gorman
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 3:30pm - 5:00pm @ San Antonio 4-6

    Do your agile team members make optimum use of each other’s skills and capabilities? Do they share their personal development needs? Do they trust each other? If not, consider the “contracting two step” - a metaphor for simple yet powerful ways to identify and monitor mutual working agreements. Like a dance, contracting partners take mutual responsibility to reach shared goals. While not legally binding, the contract represents public, explicit commitments essential for successful collaborations. You will learn 3 techniques to implement the Contracting Two Step on your agile team.

    Mary coaches teams and facilitates agile product discovery w…

    Type Collaboration Culture & Teams
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Practicing

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