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Evolve Your Agile Coaching Dashboard: David Parker
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 3:30pm - 5:00pm @ Ft. Worth 3-4

    As Agile Coaches, we know the importance of helping teams make their work visible and transparent. This concept extends to our own practice as well. Over the course of a year coaching more than a dozen Scrum teams, I created several iterations of a coaching dashboard - each of them a big visible chart on the wall - to help me be systematic and in tune with the changes taking place in the organization. Come find out why the "using Scrum to teach Scrum" dashboard didn't work, and see which dashboard the CIO called "the simplest, most intuitive bit of reporting that I have in my organization.” Also hear about how the Scrum Adoption Team became a team of coaches and used a Kanban(ish) dashboard to systematize their workflow. Participants in this workshop will come away with ideas for creating and evolving their own Agile coaching dashboards.

    Building a better world one agile organization at a time

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