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Agile and the nature of decision making: Dennis Stevens
    Monday August 13, 2012 1:30pm - 5:00pm @ Texas 3

    Organizations are really bad at Risk Management. And the typical approaches to risk management are flawed - resulting in bureaucratic overhead and not much improvement in the performance of software development projects. Agile efforts have rejected bureaucratic and non-value adding efforts and in the process have rejected most of what is practiced as risk management. This is unfortunate - because the nature of agile development fundamentally changes how to benefit from effective risk management. Risk management is about managing uncertainty to reduce the probability and impact of unfortunate events and the maximize the realization of opportunities. This workshop builds on concepts from SEI's MOSAIC project and Eric Reis Lean Start-up to present a practical and proven to a systemic approach to integrating threat and opportunity identification and response into the management of Agile projects. Useful for typical delivery teams, this approach is particularly valuable in the large projects and large organizations.


    Type Enterprise Agile
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Learning

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