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What's the Point of Story Points - A Business Guide to Agile Estimation: George Dinwiddie, Bob Payne
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 9:00am - 10:30am @ Ft. Worth 5-6

    The use of story points originated with Extreme Programming, but have become a common “best practice” for planning on Scrum teams since Mike Cohn’s book, _User Stories Applied_, was published. The use of relative estimation is quite often, a mystery to product owners and management. We will explore how story points are used, misused, abused and determined on teams. This interactive session will explore the business value that story points support, and look at ways to achieve that value with or without points.

    George Dinwiddie helps organizations develop software more e…

    Type Business Value and Working With Stakeholders
    Session Type Lecture
    Audience Practicing

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