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Agile2012 Program Review & Feedback - A Panel Discussion: Mitch Lacey
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Texas C
    This is your opportunity to meet with, hear from, and ask questions of the Agile 2012 Program Chairs: Michele Sliger, Peter Provost and Pete Behrens along with the Agile 2012 Conference Chair Mitch Lacey. The program chairs, under the guidance of the Agile 2012 Conference Chair, spent almost a full year building the Agile 2012 program from defining the stages and the program schedule, seeding the stage review teams, developing the submission schedule, overseeing the submission process, aligning the stages and sessions to the conference facilities, and pulling together the final program. We would like an opportunity to share our approach in building the program and hear your feedback on your experience through that review process and the results of the program. This session is for you if any of the following apply: 1. You would like to know more about how the program and stage review process works and how submissions were selected for Agile 2012 2. You are interested in getting more involved in the program or stage review process in the future 3. You would like to meet with and/or get to know better those involved in putting together the Agile 2012 Program Added something else

    Mitch Lacey is an agile practitioner and trainer. He is the …

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