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Raving Retrospectives -Innovation Games® & other techniques to facilitate creative retros: Kate Megaw, Brian Rabon
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 11:00am - 12:00pm @ Texas 3

    Do you find it challenging to keep your retrospectives innovative and creative so you get the maximum feedback from your scrum team? This session will review traditional retrospectives and give you 3 new innovative tools to add to your "tool kit" to help you facilitate creative, fun and engaging retrospectives. No matter what your project, project methodology or delivery model, everyone benefits from feedback on what they could do differently next time. The session will involve a mix of lecture, workshop and discussion. No death by PowerPoint here! This session will look at: 1) What is a retrospective 2) Why do we do retrospectives 3) How to plan a retrospective 4) Traditional retrospectives 5) Creative retrospectives Session attendees will be divided into teams of 6-9 (easily adjustable for audience size) and will do an exercise using one of the following creative retrospective techniques: - The Boat (Innovation Games®) - The Retrospective Starfish - Spiderweb Retrospectives The audience for this presentation is anyone looking for feedback on how their project, implementation or work is going. Whether from a more traditional environment or a more Agile environment there is something in this session for everyone; from beginners with no retrospective experience to experienced coaches wanting to expand their "tool box"! I will use PowerPoint to cover the introduction to retrospectives and why we do them. I will then demonstrate using a white board / flip chart and post it notes some of the traditional retrospective techniques. I will introduce 3 new retrospective techniques and then divide the attendees into groups of 6-9 and have each group try one of the new techniques (easily adjustable for audience size). I will ask them to come up with a topic on which to do a retrospective and I will give them some examples in case they don't have ideas at hand: Agile 2012 Conference Retrospective, iPad 2's, Facebook. After they are done trying their new techniques, we will do a 10 minute debrief with the entire group to discuss why they felt their technique was effective / wasn't effective, what they liked and what they didn't like so that all attendees get feedback on all the techniques.

    Kate is the Chief Operating Officer of the Braintrust Consul…

    Type Collaboration Culture & Teams
    Session Type Workshop
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