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Testing System Qualities: Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Joseph Yoder
    Tuesday August 14, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Dallas 3-4

    Agile teams incrementally deliver functionality based on user stories. In the sprint to deliver features, frequently software qualities such as security, scalability, performance, and reliability are overlooked. Often these characteristics cut across many user stories. Trying to deal with certain system qualities late in the game can be difficult, causing major refactoring and upheaval of the system’s architecture. This churn isn’t inevitable. Especially if you adopt a practice of identifying those characteristics key to your system’s success, writing quality scenarios and tests, and delivering on these capabilities at the opportune time. We will show how to write Quality Scenarios that emphasize architecture capabilities such as usability, security, performance, scalability, internationalization, availability, accessibility and the like. This will be hands-on; we present some examples and follow with an exercise that illustrates how you can look at a system, identify, and then write and test quality scenarios.

    I'm best known as the "design geek" who invented Responsibil…

    Joseph Yoder is a founder and principle of The Refactory, In…

    Type Testing & Quality Assurance
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Learning

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