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Agile and PMI: Barbarians at the Gate: Andrew Burns
    Tuesday August 14, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Texas D

    How to react as stones fall on our Agile heads from lofty towers? Transcendence of Agile limitations in the quest for Enterprise Agility calls for a planned siege, not a mob. Make a blueprint in this session! Become masters of siege engines delivering customer value, not Barbarians at the Gate. The PMO and keepers of the corporate yearly planning cycle still cling to traditions of waste. The true need to optimize the whole is fog bound by mystic thinking. In revered enterprise Keeps, day is night. It is possible to know all the requirements at the start. Omniscient customers 'do know' what they want a year from now. Interim feedback is a waste of time and only generates scope creep. Interim milestones measure progress well enough. Demanding that work be done, delivers desired results. Complex program management software can squeeze 150% out of a person! Keepers of the enterprise ken know Agile is wrong. The status quo is correct. Affronts are hurled down on Agile teams. Self-organizing teams can never improve processes beyond the team. It is not feasible to deliver value to the customer every sprint. Agile teams can not plan beyond the current sprint. Scrum of Scrums is a failed theory to coordinate multiple teams. It just can’t scale. Agile sees no need for automated testing or up front unit testing. We need documentation!

    A Kentuckian enamored of fine bourbon and fog bound blue gra…

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