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How to play basketball with a soccer team? Making IC development more agile.: Tobias Leisgang
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 11:00am - 12:00pm @ Ft. Worth 1-2

    How different is software and IC development? Let's answer with a relative estimation: It's as different as soccer and basketball. Besides both being team sports and the goal to score more points than the other team, everything else if different. If software and IC development are that different, why should Agile work in an IC development environment? Wait! Let's have a closer look. There are more commonalities as you can see on the first glance. IC development also requires satisfying customer requirements as early as possible, deals with changing requirements, needs to have frequent product releases and requires technical excellence and good design. And these are certainly areas where agile principles have been proven to be successful. As an IC development organization for an embedded microcontroller we experienced over the last projects that the "game" changed. While projects got more complex and development cycle times longer, customers required products earlier than before and new requirements came up more frequently. It was time to change the way we play! This talk demonstrates how we changed our existing IC development flow to an Agile IC development process. It shows which agile practices we’ve chosen and how we applied them to our development process. It shows the challenges we faced in the transition and the success stories we experienced. It also gives an outlook how the process can be even more agile. The session isn’t tailored to hardware developers only. I envision a lively discussion among participants from different domains on how the development process can be further refined, enhanced, applied to other organizations and maybe it can also trigger some additional thoughts for existing agile practitioners.


    Type Emerging Applications of Agile
    Session Type Lecture
    Audience Learning

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