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Bad-Assed Double-Loop Learning: From Judgmental to Good Judgement: Derek W. Wade, Susan Eller
    Monday August 13, 2012 9:00am - 12:30pm @ Ft. Worth 3-4

    “We all know” Agile leaders foster self-organization, so why do many have little effect on their teams, or worse, actually harm their effectiveness? People act in ways that are rational to them, but differences in internal mental models can make people seem irrational to us. By uncovering your team’s mental models, you can help them achieve a common rationale. This leads to stronger, integrated teams. ScrumMasters, Coaches, Managers, & Team Members will participate in robust scenarios based on team simulation in aviation and healthcare. You will leave with practical experience in team interaction which you can immediately apply in your workplace.

    Coach, educator, medi(t)ator, aviator, experimenter. Helping…

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