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Agile Testing: Past, Present, and Future: Theodore D. Hellmann, Abhishek Sharma,, Jennifer Ferreira and Frank Maurer
    Tuesday August 14, 2012 2:00pm - 2:30pm @ Ft. Worth 7
    Testing has been a cornerstone of agile software development methodologies since early in the history of the field. However, the terminology used to describe the field – as well as the evidence in existing literature – is largely inconsistent. In order to better structure our understanding of the field and to guide future work, we conducted a systematic mapping of agile testing. We investigate five research questions: which authors are most active in agile testing; what is agile testing used for; what types of paper tend to be published in this field; how do practitioners and academics contribute to research in this field; and what tools are used to conduct agile testing? Of particular interest is our investigation into the source of these publications, which indicates that academics and practitioners focus on different types of publication and, disturbingly, that the number of practitioner papers in the sources we searched is strongly down since 2010.


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