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Shaping Your Agile Adoption Path: Jason Little, Don Gray
    Monday August 13, 2012 1:30pm - 5:00pm @ Ft. Worth 7
    Adopting Agile usually involves massive change for organizations. Making matters more complex, there are a whole bunch of paths to explore many of which generate resistance. Some people consider Agile to be a mindset. Others feel Agile is simply the adoption of processes and practices. During this experiential session you will learn how to: - understand where resistance comes from and how to deal with it - use a greater level of awareness about your people and culture to shape your path to Agility. - leverage your preferred leadership style and understand its impact on the change

    Jason began his career as a web developer when Cold Fusion r…

    Having worked in software for 30 years I focus my energy and…

    Type Adoption & Transformation
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Practicing

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