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Big Data, Little Tests: John Heintz
    Thursday August 16, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Dallas 3-4

    This session is an easy introduction to writing small automated tests for very Big Data systems. If you're considering Hadoop, Cassandra, or Riak but don't know how you would begin with good developer testing practices, then this talk is for you. I'll be showing live test execution and debugging for some very Big systems: 1. The ant/maven config to enable testing 1. How to connect to a local or in-memory testing harness 1. Demonstrate execution and debugging in an IDE The code and configuration will be published on GitHub for all to repeat what's shown. The session agenda is: 1. Brief presentation introducing Big Data technologies. 1. An hour of code/test live demonstrations. 1. Discuss the hard questions: large test datasets and test execution performance. 1. Wrap up with Q&A.

    John Heintz is the president and principal technologist of G…

    Type Testing & Quality Assurance
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Learning

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