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Better Unit Testing with ApprovalTests, an open source library: Lynn Langit, Woody Zuill
    Wednesday August 15, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Dallas 3-4
    Whether you are a developer, tester or manager, you'll gain insight and actionable information on how to more effectively test both new and legacy code using the open source ApprovalTest library. Through both demos and explanation of theory, the presenters will show you how using ApprovalTests make testing many types of objects (from simple types to complex objects such as GUIs, arrays, database query results and more) more manageable. The library is available in many programming languages, including C#, Java, Ruby, PHP and more. Most demos will be presented in C#.


    I've been a software developer for 30+ years, and I'm an Agi…

    Type Testing & Quality Assurance
    Session Type Lecture
    Audience Practicing

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