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Better Code, Littler Classes: Refactoring to Separate Concerns: Moss Collum, Laura Dean
    Monday August 13, 2012 1:30pm - 5:00pm @ San Antonio 1-3
    You know the basics of refactoring: you rename variables for maximum clarity, extract methods to make them nice and compact, and sometimes even extract shared code into a superclass. But how do you go beyond the basics, to get simpler classes and more modular code? In this hands-on training session, we’ll demonstrate techniques for dividing large, complex classes into small, cohesive units. You’ll learn several key class-level refactorings, when to apply them, and how to find a class for every responsibility. This is a hands-on tutorial, so bring your laptop and be prepared to write some code!


    Type Development Practices & Craftsmanship
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Learning

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