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The Fastest Learner Wins: Exploring the Innovator’s DNA: Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck
    Monday August 13, 2012 1:30pm - 5:00pm @ Texas C
    No matter how large and successful a company is today, it's long term survival is by no means guaranteed. Only a few large companies have been able to sustain growth over time by coming up with a steady stream of new disruptive businesses. How do they do it? Innovative companies create a climate in which cross functional teams conduct rapid, inexpensive experiments directly with customers. They foster the five innovation skills described in Clayton Christensen's book: The Innovator’s DNA - Observing, Questioning, Associating, Networking, and Experimenting. This Workshop is about using continuous feedback to speed up learning and radically improve the process of developing of software-intensive systems. It covers: 1. Continuous Delivery 2. Continuous Design 3. Continuous Experimentation 4. Continuous Progress Participants will explore questions such as: 1. Do our value streams bring together into a single network all of the capabilities necessary to create and deliver a compelling offer to customers? 2. Do team members understand who their customers are and why these customers will choose our product above all alternatives? 3. Does value flow from idea to delivery on a continuous basis and in a disciplined manner that delivers unassailable quality? 4. Are features validated against real customer behavior and modified based on whole system feedback? 5. Does everyone constantly challenge the status-quo and experiment with alternate ways of delivering even more compelling value to customers?

    Mary Poppendieck has been in the Information Technology indu…

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