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Behavior Driven Development: Look, no frameworks!: Elizabeth Keogh
    Tuesday August 14, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ San Antonio 1-3
    Behavior Driven Development helps business and development teams to communicate, through collaborative writing of examples of how a system will behave. Nowadays frameworks like Cucumber and JBehave exist which allow those scenarios to be written in English - but what would you do if they weren't there? We look at strategies for writing small, readable domain-specific languages on top of ordinary TDD frameworks like NUnit and JUnit, and show how to structure the underlying steps to keep scenarios maintainable - lessons which can be applied to all scenarios, even with frameworks. We also look at the costs of using frameworks, alongside the benefits, and how to know when to use them - and when to step away from the tools.

    Liz Keogh is a Lean and Agile consultant based in London. Sh…

    Type Development Practices & Craftsmanship
    Session Type Lecture
    Audience Practicing

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