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Embracing HTML and CSS as Beautiful Code: Jim Morris
    Tuesday August 14, 2012 11:00am - 12:00pm @ San Antonio 1-3
    It's time we treated HTML and CSS as more than an annoying implementation detail. Developers who carefully craft their code need to stop treating HTML and CSS as annoying implementation details. We need to up our game, bringing craftsmanship to the presentation layer. Does CSS drive you nuts? Do you struggle through getting your site looking okay on one browser, only to find out that it looks like a trainwreck on others? Do suffer recurring nightmares about Internet Explorer? Do you fight with your designers because they keep sending you things that look pretty, but just don't seem to work in real life? Is your HTML and CSS a pile of ugly, hacky, brittle code that mars your otherwise beautiful codebase? HTML and CSS can be beautiful, and - dare I say it - fun. The trick is to think like they do, so you can outsmart them. I'm a dev at heart, but I've learned some great secrets along that way that have helped me develop - and more importantly, maintain - some high profile, beautiful websites. I'll share 8 important tips for coming to terms with, outsmarting, and kindling a romance with HTML.


    Type Development Practices & Craftsmanship
    Session Type Lecture
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