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Exploring UX techniques and practices - When should they be applied? Get some practice!: Ariadna Font
    Thursday August 16, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Dallas 1-2
    The need to incorporate UX practices and techniques into Agile is quickly becoming a no-brainer. But how do experts do it? Let's find out so that you can do it too!
    In this highly collaborative workshop, we will start by reviewing unfamiliar UX practices and techniques suited for different stages of the product life cycle. Example UX techniques that we'll explore include Stakeholder maps, Personas, Story maps, UX maps, Storyboards, Contextual inquiry, Visual Project Board and Backlog, paper prototypes, Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD) and do-it-yourself (or guerrilla) Usability Testing.
    Then, we'll put theory to practice and have a focused collaborative design session allowing teams to pick their technique of choice for each stage.
    Come to this session to:
    • Find out the newest lean UX techniques
    • Put UX techniques to practice with a team and learn to effectively deliver an MVP fast
    • Enlighten us with your new favorite UX technique(s)
    • Experience collaborative and iterative design first hand
    • Build up the confidence to initiate collaborative creative thinking about ideas that have a business impact and that will wow your users

    I'm the UX Lead at Vivisimo, an IBM Company, building enterp…

    Type User Experience
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Practicing (Doing)

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