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Keeping the Dream Alive: Keys to Agile Sustainability: Susan DiFabio, Dan Neumann
    Thursday August 16, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm @ Texas D
    Don't let "we are agile" become "we were agile." Starting a transition to agile is one thing. Making the transition a lasting transformation is something else entirely. Attend this session to gain useful insights into: - Three important aspects of Agile adoption: corporate culture, the managers’ role, and agile metrics - Keys to sustainability - Pitfalls to avoid - Warning signs of backsliding You will leave this session with specific actions you can take to help ensure that your dream of Agility does not become a nightmare of backsliding.

    Dan Neumann is an experienced agile coach and enthusiast wit…

    I am an independent Agile coach focused on helping teams and…

    Type Adoption & Transformation
    Session Type Workshop
    Audience Practicing

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