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Tom Grant

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Tom Grant is a senior consultant at Net Objectives. Previously, he was practice director for Agile Project Management & Software Engineering Excellence at Cutter Consortium, and a senior analyst at Forrester Research. Before that, he worked in software companies in Silicon Valley. Tom helps his clients with their software innovation strategy, which includes Agile, Lean, and other methods.

Tom is a contributing member of the Agile Alliance's technical debt working group, which has published a packet of materials designed to help people overcome this all too common problem. This packet includes Dice Of Debt, a game designed to illustrate the importance of technical debt reduction. If you know Tom, you know that he has a lifetime passion for the serious games, for organizational transformation, customer insights, experiential learning, and other benefits.

Tom currently lives in Washington, DC. As a native Californian, he's still not used to the humidity.





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